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Visualize your threats with 360° views of identities and dependencies

Eliminate blind spots; see the hidden connections, and the entire chain that is creating breach risk

Security graphs – visualization like never before

With security graphs, Ariksa brings a highly visual approach to observability and threat analysis spanning several entities and operational siloes – identities, infrastructure and services. Ariksa eliminates clutter and provides you with a complete picture of how individual issues together create threats and what the remediation blast radius is. Ariksa provides on-demand access to contextual information to ensure not just quick but the most robust remediation

Observe & assess
with context

Risks are often created by combinations of misconfigurations, identity permissions, network accessibility and credential leakage. Ariksa assimilates and enriches all identity information in a graph database and creates a visually intuitive view of dependencies, connections and activity. This helps you see immediate threats, and assess direct and indirect risks