Full-stack cloud security for all identities – users, infrastructure and services

Deep observability, contextual alerts and automated workflows throughout your cloud lifecycle

Why are identity risks critical for complete threat assessment?

Identity model in the cloud is very different from that in the data center. Cloud identities include users and non-users such as machines and platform services, which use roles and policies to interact with other infrastructure and services. This creates a complex fabric of interactions and dependencies that create direct and indirect attack paths that lead to insider and outsider threats. Ariksa helps you fill a critical gap in your overall security posture by unifying threat assessments across identities, infrastructure and services

Why is Ariksa different?

Ariksa makes cloud security simple - from the time you onboard through your entire cloud lifecycle for users, machines and services


Quick onboarding. Rapid time to value

Ariksa uses turnkey cloud connectors to discover your cloud estate and deep analyze your environment – no agents or special software. You receive prioritized findings within minutes that are continuously re-evaluated throughout your cloud lifecycle


Simplify security. Eliminate point tools & siloed insights

We care about alert quality, not quantity! Ariksa uncovers threats that often span identities, infrastructure and services – by assessing combinations of high-risk factors; no DIY, more accurate detection, and deeper insights


Deep observability & visually rich context for all entities

Ariksa automatically categorizes findings to help you prioritize and provides unprecedented. and visually rich 360° view for every entity to help you quickly understand all risks in one place, why the risk exists and impact of change for any remediation

Get started within minutes

Ariksa can onboard and perform a comprehensive discovery of your cloud estate within minutes – no agents, or specialized software to deploy. You get a prioritized list of threats and risks in just a few minutes.

Ariksa unifies, automates and contextualizes threat assessment across user & non-user identities, infrastructure and services. With Ariksa, you can eliminate point solutions. complexity of DIY efforts , and ops costs with a single solution that identities threats across your cloud lifecycle

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