Our Company

Why Ariska

Our vision is to simplify cloud security for customers. Simplicity is a hard problem and requires a fundamental re-think beyond the status quo and well-accepted limitations - that’s why Ariksa exists! Ariksa is a SaaS solution that provides continuous risk assessment, automates risk prioritization, and accelerates remediation and response to secure your cloud environment against insider and outsider threats due to identity risks. We have seen first-hand how hard it can be to go beyond simple detection - single-purpose tools, fragmented risk assessments and siloed processes fall way short of what enterprises need and deserve. We are committed to solving the hard and gnarly cloud security problems related to identities that customers struggle with so that they can scale and be agile for the business in the cloud-era – with unification, observability, contextual intelligence and automation!


Our Story

We are genuinely passionate about helping customers implement security at scale without friction. We understand this often means choosing to do what is right and hard to do instead of what’s easy


Our Vision

Bring uncommon levels of observability, simplicity and automation to cloud security. As the number of knobs and dials explode, our vision to declutter and find every way to make it easy for customers


Our Technology

Our platform aims to bring turnkey capabilities to provide rapid time to value. We are equally committed to making sure that our platform is flexible and extensible so that it works for you and your specific needs

Our Team

The team at Ariksa has experience first-hand the challenges of operationalizing a robust cloud security model at scale. We are folks from leading companies such as Apple, Microsoft, McAfee, and cloud security startups. We are backed by strong institutional and angel investors including backers of Okta, Zoom, Arista Networks, Pager Duty, and many other market leading companies. Our investors and advisors also include security practitioners who deeply believe in the need to re-think how cloud security is implemented in the years to come.

We’re hiring

If you passionate about startups – the energy, the collaboration and the rapid execution to build market leading solution for customers, we’d like to hear from you!